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As a huge skin care junkie, we love discovering new products and testing them out. Recently we got a chance to try the new @dermalogica line of products which is @clearstart and share with you guys our honest opinion.

Before we start I want to mention how cute the packaging is! 😍🌿



Enlarged pores are something we all deal with,

no matter how great our skin is.

And believe it or not it’s normal!! As this is the system

that your largest organ, the skin, breaths with!

However, instead of trying to hide it by using primers and make up, try to help it. Pores are not going anywhere, but you can reduce their appearance by using micro-pore mist by @clearstart that contains 5% of Niacinamide!! + It controls oil production! Wow! Hands down win win!


Where there is excessive oil production, there’s new acne,

so try to use the complete @clearstart skin care line to keep

your skin in balance! It brightens skin + evens skin tone!

No make up needed!

We are giving this skin care line 10/10

because it’s affordable, cruelty free, and really works!!!

Absolutely worth your attention!

🌿 #ClearStart #SmallPoresBigMood

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