What is your Mission?

Our Mission is to provide quality products to our clients with affordable prices. Our goal is to empower, heal and inspire our customers while providing great service with no harm to the Environment. 

We are donating part of our revenue to local animal shelters and organizations focused on saving endangered animals. We are here for the better world.

Where are your products made?

VIRTUOCIFY Products and Supplements are made in California,USA. By manufacturing locally we are constantly reducing our carbon footprint, as we work to contribute to an eco-conscious future.

What states do you ship to?

Our CBD product line is available for purchase and can ship to all 50 states.  

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we don't ship internationally. 

Can I make an adjustment to my order?

Once an order is placed we are unable to make any adjustments to it. This would include canceling the order, adding or removing items from the order, editing the order or changing the shipping address the order is being sent to.

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