Welcome to the Virtuocify family!

We are so honored to have you as a guest and are extremely excited to share our experience, strength and hope when it comes to health and wellness!


VIRTUOCIFY is a small female created business focused on delivering quality products with affordable prices.  Not only do we care about people and animals, but also the Environment. All our products are locally sourced, made in USA and use Eco-friendly & Environmentally Safe materials. 

It's not too late to save the World and each other. With this statement, we believe that by donating portion of our sales to local animal rescue and welfare organizations, we are making a change in stopping animal cruelty, violence and abuse. Only together we can save those who need a voice and those who just need love. 

Additionally, all of our products are made and sourced in California because we believe that by manufacturing locally we are constantly reducing our carbon footprint, as we work to contribute to an eco-conscious future.